Curriculum Vitae


2020(?): Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidate, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

  • Title: Breastfeeding Without Nursing: The lived experiences of breastfeeders who exclusively pump
  • Research interests: information behavior; information access; public health; maternal and child health; lactation; breastfeeding
  • Advisor: Dr. Beth St. Jean

2014: Master of Library Science (MLS), College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

  • Specialization: Information and Diverse Populations

2009: Master of Laws (LLM), University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, CA

  • Specialization: International Transactions and Comparative Law

2007: Bachelor of Laws (MA Cantabrigiensis), Clare College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK


2018–2019: iSchool Alumni Chapter Scholarship,College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2017­–2018: Dean’s Fellowship, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2017: Laurence B. Heilprin Award for an outstanding paper on a topic in library and information science written for a College of Information Studies course, University of Maryland

  • Received for The Importance of Prenatal Information about Exclusive Pumping

2017: Lavender Leadership Honors Society, University of Maryland

2015: Great Lakes National Scholarship, Great Lakes Educational Loan Services

2015: Rodler-Wood Scholarship, LGBT Studies Program, Department of Women’s Studies, University of Maryland

2014­–2015: Dean’s Fellowship, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2014: Simmona Simmons Best Student Paper on Diversity Award for an outstanding paper which has been written for an iSchool course and which focuses on any aspect(s) of diversity

  • Received for Information Access as a Human Right: Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp Compared to Supermax and Military Prisons of the United States

2014: Beta Phi Mu Scholarship, Iota Chapter

2013: Laurence B. Heilprin Award for an outstanding paper on a topic in library and information science written for a College of Information Studies course, University of Maryland

  • Received for Inclusive Information Services for Trans* Patrons of Information Organizations

2009: Pro Bono Publico Award, Public Interest Law Foundation, San Francisco, CA

2007: Graduated with Honours, University of Cambridge


Book Chapters

2016: Jardine, F. M. The role of students in diversity and inclusion in library and information studies. In Gorham, U., Greene Taylor, N. G., & Jaeger, P. T., Advances in Librarianship: Perspectives on libraries as institutions of human rights and social justice.  Emerald Group Publishing Limited. doi: 10.1108/S0065-283020160000041016

Peer Reviewed Papers

2018: Jardine, F.M. Breastfeeding without nursing: “If only I’d known more about exclusively pumping before giving birth.” Journal of Human Lactation. doi: 10.1177/0890334418784562

2015: Jaeger, P. T., Cooke, N. A., Feltis, C., Hamiel, M., Jardine, F., & Shilton, K. The virtuous circle revisited: Injecting diversity, inclusion, rights, justice, and equity into LIS from education to advocacy. Library Quarterly, 85(2), 150-171doi: 10.1086/680154

2015: Jardine, F. M. and Zerhusen, E. K. Charting the course of equity and inclusion in LIS through iDiversity. Library Quarterly, 85(2), 185-192. doi: 10.1086/680156

2013: Jardine, F. M. Inclusive information for trans* persons. Public Library Quarterly, 32(3), 242-260. doi: 10.1080/01616846.2013.818856


2018: Breastfeeding Without Nursing: The lived experiences of those exclusively pumping human milk. Gradterp Forum (blog featuring the scholarly work of University of Maryland graduate students, postdocs, and recent alumni).

2017Exploring the world of exclusive pumping: Guest post by Fiona Jardine, MA, LLM, MLS, CLC. Our Milky Way (Healthy Children Project Center for Breastfeeding blog).


Refereed with Published Proceedings

2018: 19th Conference of the International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation. Poster of Distinction: Breastfeeding without nursing: Reasons for initiation and cessation of exclusively pumping human milk. doi: 10.1089/bfm.2018.29100.abstracts. Kanagawa, Japan

2014iConference 2014. Paper: Information access rights at Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp. doi: 10.9776/14026. Berlin, Germany

Without Published Proceedings

Accepted: iLactation Breastfeeding Conference 2019: Nutrition + Love. Presentation: Breastfeeding Without Nursing: Myth-busting exclusive milk expression to improve practical, informational, and emotional support given to exclusive pumpers. Online

Accepted: Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference. Discussion workshop: Breastfeeding Without Nursing: What should we do about the prejudice against exclusive pumping? Four-minute essay: Human milk has no gender: 21st century breastfeeding language. Chapel Hill, NC

Accepted: GOLD Online Lactation Conference 2019. Presentation: Breastfeeding Without Nursing: Why do some breastfeeders exclusively pump and what can we do to support them? Online

Accepted: International Lactation Consultant Association Annual Conference 2019: Engage. Workshop:Breastfeeding Without Nursing: Reducing the prejudice against exclusive pumping. Atlanta, GA

2019: International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Human Lactation Research and Breastfeeding Management 2019. Workshop: Information needs of exclusive pumpers. Atlanta, GA

2018: Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon 2018. Invited attendee. Boston, MA

2017: CHI (Human Factors in Computing Systems) 2017. Maiden, Mother, Crone: The influence of digital marketing on women’s health information seeking during life transitions as part of the Hacking Women’s Health Workshop (with Elizabeth Bonsignore, Gagan Jindal, and Beth St. Jean). Chicago, IL

2017: iSchool Research Showcase, University of Maryland. Poster: Information behavior of exclusive pumpers:  Prenatal needs, seeking, and use (Research Phase 1). College Park, MD

2016: iSchool Research Showcase, University of Maryland. Poster: Social values and personal biometric devices (with Sara Anderson). College Park, MD

2015: Conference on Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science, University of Maryland. ACCESS DENIED: inmates and digital information. College Park, MD

2015: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA): New Librarians Global Connection Webinar. The LIS PhD experience (with Sandy Littletree and KR Roberto). Online

2015: Society of Southwest Archivists Annual Meeting. Embedding diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in archives and archival education (with Faith Ambrosini). Fort Worth, TX

2015: American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting. Embedding diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in everything we do (with Johnna Purcell and Faith Ambrosini). Chicago, IL

2015: ALA Midwinter Meeting. Equity and inclusion in LIS through iDiversity (with Johnna Purcell). Chicago, IL

2014: Maryland Association of Public Library Administrators (MAPLA), quarterly meeting. How diversity can be embedded in public libraries  (with Erin Zerhusen). Annapolis, MD

2014: Symposium on Diversity in LIS Education, University of Maryland. Social justice: From education to advocacy (with Dr. Paul Jaeger, Dr. Katie Shilton, Dr. Nicole Cooke, Michelle Hamiel, & Cecilia Feltis). College Park, MD



2016­­—present: Principal Investigator, Breastfeeding Without Nursing: The information behavior of those who exclusively pump human milk (PhD research), College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2015–2016Research Assistant, Public Health, Nanotechnology, and Mobility (PHeNoM) project, Ethics and Value in Design (EViD) laboratory, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2013–2014: Principal Investigator, Diversity Book Display project, MLS Research, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2013: Co-Investigator, LGBTQ Student Involvement Assessment, Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland


2014­–­present: Graduate Writing Fellow, The Graduate School Writing Center, The Graduate School, University of Maryland

2014–present: Guest Lecturer: Diverse Populations, Inclusion, and Information; Information and Human Rights; The Engaged Intellectual; Serving Information Needs; Consumer Health Informatics; Information User Needs and Assessment

2015: Co-instructor, Information and Human Rights, Information Studies, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. 3 credit, 600-level course

2013­, 2014: Instructor, Special Topics in Leadership: LGBTQQI Leadership, Education Counseling and Personnel Services, College of Education, University of Maryland. 3 credit, 400-level course

Editorial Activities

2019–present: Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Human Lactation

2018–presentEditorial Assistant, Health Communications

2015–present: Owner; Editor, Effective English Editing (

2015–2017: Editor; Co-editor; Managing Editor, International Journal of Information, Diversity, and Inclusion

2014, 2015: Manuscript Reviewer, Library Quarterly

2014: Manuscript Reviewer, Science and Technology Libraries


2018–present: Graduate Assistant Coordinator, Graduate School Writing Center, Graduate School, University of Maryland (also 2015–2016)

2016—present: Graduate Assistant for Faculty Writing, Research Support Team, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2018—present: Advanced Lactation Consultant, The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice

2015–present: Professional Editor

2017—2018: Graduate Assistant for ePublishing, Digital Programs and Initiatives, Digital Systems and Stewardship, University of Maryland Libraries, University of Maryland

2015–2016: Graduate Assistant Coordinator, Graduate School Writing Center, Graduate School, University of Maryland

2012–2015: Graduate Assistant Coordinator for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and Queer Student Involvement and Advocacy, Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy Office, Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland

2010–2011: Associate Attorney, Law Office of A. Arthur Rugama, San Francisco, CA


2016–2017: Graduate Student Representative, Bias Response Task Force, University of Maryland

2015–2016: Student Representative, PhD Committee, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

2015–2016: Graduate Student Representative, President’s Student Advisory Council on Diversity & Inclusion, University of Maryland

2013–2016: President; Vice President; Historian,iDiversity,University of Maryland

2012–2015: Commissioner, President’s Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues, University of Maryland

2013–2015: Member, Lorde O’Leary Award Committee, University of Maryland

2013–2014: Student Representative, MLS Committee, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland


Beta Phi Mu International Library and Information Sciences Honor Society, Iota Chapter

California State Bar

DONA International

International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation

Lavender Leadership Honors Society, University of Maryland

Maryland State Bar

Maryland State Beekeepers Association

Samuel Blythe Society, Clare College, University of Cambridge