About Me

Fiona Jardine in white coat with stethoscopeI am currently a Master of Science in Nursing student at the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University and will be a neonatal intensive care nurse when I graduate in August 2022. I intend to obtain a Doctorate of Nursing Practice to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I am dedicated to evidence-based, compassionate, and collaborative care. I received my PhD from the University of Maryland’s iSchool; my dissertation was titled Breastfeeding Without Nursing: The Lived Experiences of Exclusive Pumpers. Following the birth of my daughter and successfully breastfeeding without nursing, I conducted groundbreaking research into the experiences of over 2,000 people who exclusively pumped their milk. I have redesigned the international breastfeeding symbol to be inclusive of both chest/breastfeeding and pumping—see universalbreastfeedingsymbol.com. I am an ALPP Advanced Lactation Consultant and is both a birth and postpartum doula. Click here if you are interested in the lactation services I offer. I also offer professional editing services.

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am originally from (the old) York in the north of England but moved to America in 2008. I’ve traveled extensively and love every second of the adventure of a new place. I vehemently defend the Oxford comma (even though I’m a Cambridge graduate). I’ve done death penalty defense work, opened and run a café, and been an utterly terrible lawyer; the common theme is my innate motivation to help real people with real world problems. I am a proud mama bear to my spitfire daughter and future doctor, Georgie. I also ride (and fix…) my motorcycle; turn yarn and wool into vaguely more useful things; embark upon ambitious DIY projects (usually successfully… I’m currently renovating my late 19th century Baltimore rowhome); bake ridiculously tall cakes; get in touch with my Slytherin side with my pet snakes (though I am mostly a Ravenclaw); and snuggle with my total love bug cats: Axel, a 16lb 15lb polydactyl tabby, and Tilly, a 6.5lb house panther. I am progressively failing to live up to the English stereotype of drinking lots of tea as I increasingly realize that coffee is life.

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