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2019 Presentations!

International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Human Lactation Research and Breastfeeding Management 2019Information needs of exclusive pumpers

Breastfeeding and Feminism International ConferenceBreastfeeding Without Nursing: What should we do about the prejudice against exclusive pumping? and Human milk has no gender: 21st century breastfeeding language

iLactation – Nutrition + Love 2019Breastfeeding Without Nursing: Myth-busting exclusive milk expression to improve practical, informational, and emotional support given to exclusive pumpers

GOLD Lactation Conference 2019Breastfeeding Without Nursing: Why do some breastfeeders exclusively pump and what can we do to support them?

Universal Breastfeeding Symbol now launched!


I am a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland’s iSchool. My background is in the law but, following the birth of my daughter and successfully breastfeeding without nursing, I am conducting pioneering research into the experiences of those who exclusively pump breast milk. You can follow along with my findings by joining my Facebook group. I am an ALPP Advanced Lactation Consultant and am training to be a DONA-certified postpartum doula. Click here if you are interested in the lactation and postpartum services I offer.

On campus, I am the Graduate Assistant for Faculty Writing for the iSchool’s Research Support Team. I have been a Graduate Writing Fellow at the Graduate School Writing Center since 2014; I provide one-on-one writing consultation for students in any graduate program. I also offer professional editing services.

I am originally from (the old) York in the north of England but moved to America in 2008. I have a wonderful wife and amazing daughter who provide me with constant support, encouragement, and inspiration. Crafting—predominantly knitting, needle felting, and sewing—is my drug of choice and I am an ardent animal lover, counting bees, prairie dogs, and backyard hens among my animal menagerie. I am progressively failing to live up to the English stereotype of drinking lots of tea as I increasingly realize that coffee is life.

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