About Me

I am currently a Masters of Science in Nursing student at the School of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University. I recently received my PhD from the University of Maryland’s iSchool; my dissertation was titled Breastfeeding Without Nursing: The Lived Experiences of Exclusive Pumpers. Following the birth of my daughter and successfully breastfeeding without nursing, I became committed to conducting research into the experiences of those who exclusively pump human milk. You can follow along with my findings by joining my Facebook group. I am an ALPP Advanced Lactation Consultant and have done postpartum doula training and work. Click here if you are interested in the lactation services I offer. I also offer professional editing services.

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am originally from (the old) York in the north of England but moved to America in 2008. I’ve traveled extensively and love every second of the adventure of a new place. I vehemently defend the Oxford comma (even though I’m a Cambridge graduate). I’ve done death penalty defense work, opened and run a café, and have been an utterly terrible lawyer. I have an innate motivation to help real people with real world problems. I ride (and fix…) my motorcycle, turn yarn and wool into vaguely more useful things, embark upon ambitious DIY projects (usually successfully), bake ridiculously tall cakes, get in touch with my Slytherin side with my pet snakes (though I am mostly a Ravenclaw), and snuggle with my total love bug of a 16lb 15lb polydactyl tabby cat, Axel. I am a proud mama bear to my spitfire daughter and future doctor, Georgie. I am progressively failing to live up to the English stereotype of drinking lots of tea as I increasingly realize that coffee is life.

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