It’s been a busy few months!

UPDATE! It’s been a really busy few months for me!

ALC TRAINING: At the beginning of May, I took the course and exam to become an Advanced Lactation Consultant through the The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. It’s the most advanced training I can get without becoming an IBCLC (which is basically going to be impossible for me because of the prerequisite academic classes). I haven’t heard whether I passed yet 🀞, but I had an amazing time learning yet more of the nuances of lactation consulting 🀱.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL DEFENSE: In the middle of May, I SUCCESSFULLY defended my proposal πŸŽ‰ (Read my proposal! It’s really long and Chapter 3 is going in the trash πŸ—‘. For those of you less familiar with PhD programs, it’s pretty standard to write a proposal for what and how and why regarding your topic before you actually collect data. I did that kinda backwards…but regardless, I got approved to do the research I’ve already done πŸ˜‚! Which means I can get into the nitty gritty of data analysis and get some findings out there! πŸŽ“

JOURNAL ARTICLE: I finally got through all the rounds of required revisions for a journal submission I sent in a year ago 🀨 and it has been sent to the publisher for final copyediting πŸ“! So in the next few months(?), “Breastfeeding without nursing: β€œIf only I’d known more about exclusively pumping before giving birth” will be published in the Journal of Human Lactation πŸ“°.

POSTPARTUM DOULA TRAINING: My work in the ivory towers of academia 🏫 only goes so far (not very, in fact). I feel a calling to also help with the greater problem of lack of postpartum support in general. I’ve been told that I have a reassuring demeanor about me when I’m talking to new parents 😌, so I felt like working as a postpartum doula would be way to continue to help. This past weekend, I took the most amazing training (though I am thoroughly exhausted 😴) and hope to complete the other requirements for certification in the next few months.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATION: While I was at the training, I got the email telling me that I have been accepted to present “The Information Needs of Exclusive Pumpers” at the Healthy Children Project’s International Breastfeeding Conference in January 2019 in Florida 🏝. I am so excited to be getting my findings out there to those folks working with breastfeeders themselvesπŸ˜„!

UPCOMING ATTRACTIONS: I have submitted a few other conference proposals (🀞Japan in October🀞), have a few more proposals to submit, am working with an amazing grad student who is helping me code some of my qualitative data πŸ‘©β€πŸ’», will be working with a world-renowned epidemiologist to analyze my quantitative data, am doing some classes in the School of Public Health so I can reframe my work into that perspective (I thought I was done with classes 😭), and have a publisher potentially interested in publishing the book I am planning to write πŸ“š. PHEW!

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