Lactation Consultation

I can educate, counsel, and problem solve on a wide range of issues, but I specialize in pumping/expression. I am available for consultations in person within the DC-MD-VA metro and Chesapeake Bay areas or remotely via email, text, phone, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Facebook (and probably others too!).

What can I do for you?

As an ALPP-certified lactation care provider, I follow the scope of practice guidelines for both Certified Lactation Counsellors and Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultants. 

The issues we can work on include (but are not limited to!):

  • Nipple pain/injury/trauma
  • Positioning
  • Pre- and post-feeding infant weight
  • Milk supply issues
  • Biting and distracted feeding
  • Pumping and expression
  • Referrals to other care providers for both you and your child

What I cannot help with (or “I am not a medical professional”)

  • Tongue/lip ties: while I will look for signs of and symptoms resulting from ties, I cannot diagnose them. I am happy to make referrals to those that can.
  • Medication/supplements: I cannot prescribe, advise, or recommend any kind of medication or herbal supplement. I can discuss evidence-based research/studies about medication/supplements and lactation, as well as refer you to other resources to find out more.


  • In person/phone/video chat consultation: $25/30 minutes (or part thereof). This includes a follow-up over email/text/chat and chance for you to ask brief follow-up questions* at no extra charge.
  • Travel fee: $50/visit
  • Email, text, chat consultation: you can contact me as many times as you like* for a period of time
    • 24 hours: $20
    • 3 days: $50
    • 1 week: $100
    • 2 weeks: $150
    • 1 month: $250

Payment methods: I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and most credit cards.

Insurance: I do not accept insurance, but I will provide you with an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider. Since insurance policies and insurance providers’ views about lactation services vary so widely, I can’t give you any guidance on whether you will receive any reimbursement.

* I am passionate about helping folks with their breastfeeding journey, but I do have other commitments too! While I usually reply within a couple of hours (often sooner since I’m never without my phone), there may be times that it takes a little bit longer. If you want my undivided attention, I recommend an in person/phone/video chat consultation.

If you are interested in working together, contact me.

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